District Diary
Sunday, January 01, 2017
New Year Celebration Ogranised In Jagarnath Old Age Homes, Orphanes
Report by Nishapati Nayak, Koraput: Jagarnath old age homes and orphanes and reached upto 3years with fast development located near to sunabeda-1 premises today seems  showing pleasure,cheerful,joyful and celebrated new year 2017 in ashram premises .this programme was headed by Mr .Susanta Kumar Mallick s/o mr. Balaram mallick (retd.) working as an employee at HAL ,KORAPUT DIVISION on occasion of first death ceremony of mother late mrs.basanti lata mallick and to celebrate new year in old age home.
This said programme was inaugurated by Mr. Allok Ranjan Samantray (executive officer),sunabeda municipality by Lightning of lamps in presence of ashram purohit Mr.BhagbanDas (founder) and members of koraput media centre and Council For Media And Satellite Broadcasting, New Delhi, koraput unit .

This programme was done by distributing clothes to the entire ashram and arranged a mid day meal in ashram premises and celebrated new year by distributing sweets, making fun , making jokes and much more in presence of media persons and surrounded of intellectual mass.
It is very clear to all who visit an old age home that, all the inmates are there, not for the love of being away from home and independent but, because there is no better alternative left for them, once they are neglected and unwanted in their homes by their own children added Mr.Samantray. Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Biswajit Das .